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ONLY Here you can change your Old Dinastycoin to the new one using Blockchain AntiAsic

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Time left until the end of
Dinastycoin Swap
it reopen for Cryptopia DCY wallets
The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments

Dinastycoin is the coin for free people that want a free world

It’s important for everyone to understand that the swap not result in two currencies, as all the exchanges and pools will update their software in advance of the update block and Dinastycoin will continue with an updated blockchain.

The Old Dinastycoin starting from block 853000 cannot be swapped. We will change only Dinastycoin mined before block 853000. Total Dinastycoin available for swap are 1,920,000,000.

The new Dinastycoin blockchain is based on the most recent Monero blockchain, with all advantage that this will bring to all community.

Monero (who we based our blockchain code on) perform an update approximately every 6 months, and this is a great practice, as it allows them to keep their technology moving forward and introduce new features

New blockchain will start to be public from around block 6000 and swap site will be open starting from 16 November 2019. The ending date is not defined yet since it depend by when Cryptopia wallet will be available for swap.

For user that have old Dinastycoin on Dinastyoffreedom backoffice on line wallet, this operation swap will be automatic. Nothing to do.

For users that have desktop wallet on their pc They have to deposit all their Dinastycoin on swap site and send us also the wallet after send them with password to can check. All Dinastycoin mined before block 850000 and all Dinastycoin received o that wallet will be swapped. On swap account there will option to upload file wallet after that deposit is sent with password field if need to open the wallet.

For btc-alpha users: they do not need to do nothing btc-alpha will swap for you and you will found new Dinastycoin on your wallet

For cryptopia users: since cryptopia is closed like you know. We waiting that all members can have access to their account wallet and then they will can send directly deposit to swap site. After deposit we need to see 2 screens shot of cryptopia wallet before send and after send it. On swap account there will be option to upload screen shot

1. ASIC Resistance.
Cryptonight Mining algorithm is resistent to special Purpose hardware that would result in unhealthty mining centralization Dinastycoin is the coin for free people that want a free world

2. Always on Privacy.
All transactions are confidential, which means every Dinastycoin user’s activity enhances the privacy of other users..

3. Stealth Addresses.
Your wallet address never appear on the public blockchain. This mean no one that knows your wallet address can see how rich you are or how you spend.

4. Dynamic Block Size
Transaction Volume is not restricted by an arbitrary cap, ensuring transactions are processed quickly and inexpensively

5. Untraceable
The source of funds for each transaction is concealed using established and proven ring signature cryptographic techniques. This is achieved without the need for a trusted setup, safeguarding against malicious currency fabrication

6. Confidential Amounts
Transaction amounts are encrypted to prevent transactions from being traced by the amount sent.

7. High security E25519 Curve Encryption
Cutting edge Elliptic Curve Cryptography that protects your funds from theft.

8. Rapid Efficient node interconnect
High performance, High scalability messaging protocol for node communication.

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